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By Muchy Wytee, Zimbabwe:


I always remember everything,

Despite trying hard sometimes;

I never seem to forget,

The 1st time, the 2nd time,

The 5th time and the 6th time, everytime

Without fail l always remember

Every one of them;

Who you are and what your face looks like,

How beautiful your eyes are when they sparkle,

Your breathe taking smile,

How it made and makes me feel,

It’s sad though that the one thing l remember to forget;

Is how much l am forgettable

If not invisible…

I could stand right in front you and still not be there,

I mean l could shake your hand and,

You wouldn’t remember it a second after l let go,

You looked into my eyes as l looked into yours

But you don’t know that

It seems l am not capable of making it meaningful or memorable,

Though All of you is,/are vividly visible to me

I am not the same to you,

This l remember, not to hope next time

So next time l hope you will remember and find meaning in me,

That is why the number of you increases,

For l seemingly continue to make the same error

Every time remembering to forget

That l am without meaning…to you…


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