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Far Wonders

By Muchy Wytee, Zimbabwe:

The days rush along,

Fast and uncontrollable

Like that river long,

Faces flashing by so remarkable

Flowing fast by unnoticed

By my unblinking eyes so obsessed

With that one beautiful bright star

That keeps me gazing all day long

On her perfectly impeccable grandeur

Seemingly so near and yet so far,

Mixing that mystic awe and pleasure

Of discovering such magnificent beauty

With the sour and bitter truth;

The realisation that it too

Shines from within the imprisoning fingers

Of another’s dark clutching hands

Inciting my flustered heart to wonder

Will it ever shine in mine

Wide and open arms

Bright and unimpeded,

Wondering near my heart wonders

Pondering about that near far Wonders.

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