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Who are you?

By Chido Nyandoro, Zimbabwe:

We all say “I know myself”… But are we asking… Or declaring? Do you really know yourself?

For what we see in the mirrors of our minds does not always reflect the truth of our reality.

And it's too late to blame it on inequalities, claiming that men have it all or blame it on the alcohol…

For before we act, we have time to decide and yet we choose excuses that let us hide.

We end up being cast away from our very own tribe… Yes he said woman though art loosed…

But here we lie, in the shackles we ourselves tie around our necks, waist and thighs…We choose to be the minors…the slaves… stuck in the negativity of our own minds.

We work to get to the top but when we reach it, we still bow down to our biological clocks.

We feel inadequate for not bearing the kids, or believing the gossip that

“Oh she was sleeping around to get that spot.”

Ladies, all of this needs to stop!

Stop trying to be so perfect, just learn to grow your own crop.

For your destinies await, it's just up to you to step up to the plate.

Only you can decide to let go of bad associations and pride.

For deadly situations will lead you astray…then you will cry.

Stop, breathe and relax.

Take a moment to analyse the facts.

Are you really happy with what you did last night?

Life today is too fast…there's no time to think…we “yolo”  our way through life being “bad bitches” saying, “I'm gonna beat her ass up…” expecting that removing that side chick will finally make us the main chick.

Ladies, be your own chick… Remove the labels that box you up and finally release the power you have to be a change.

Don't be afraid to be alone.

For in that time, you are truly free to grow a strong backbone.

Then one day, yes you can declare that “I know myself”…And maybe…just maybe…

I will believe you.


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