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The Dark

By Ojo Ayotunde, Nigeria:

Didn’t we, by a twist of fate, saunter our way into pitch black – the dark?

The dark, that knows no man,

That no man knows perfectly.

Where knowing the unknown, they say, is the ultimate undoing of all horizons.

Where we are never the villains of our own stories

Selfsame dark, where the moon and stars -it is known- play peekaboo

Why, then, would we, shy away from the dark?

Why would we not?

And if ever, we meet the dark, darker, from undersized imaginations-

Would we not grope our way out?

Would we not, the contours, the turns, the bends moulding its map, have known?

Or would the dark, at least, not kindle the faintest of glow in us?

Till we burn, Burn bright, even?

What if the very thing that scares us is fated to drive our growth? How would we know? How would we grow? How would the dark become lighted, if at its every sight, it is regularly dodged and left unexplored? Come, people, with braced hearts. Let’s explore the dark, our respective “darks”.

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