Confessions of a Social Pariah: 10 Minutes at the Corner

Confessions of a Social Pariah: 10 Minutes at the Corner

By Spliph, South Africa:

I sat on the corner bench this other afternoon and just literally watched the world go by. Faces glowing with glee, others more fixed to an expression far from that of joy. This got me thinking – what are we rushing to in this life?

In a world where everything is instant – from food to relationships, you would think that we would slow down and appreciate our surroundings, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's as though we exhaust ourselves every day – forever chasing an energy-less high.

I'm a firm believer in heaven and hell; as such my strides in this life are compassed to the former. However, I cannot help but think about all the things life makes available to me and yet I refuse them. This is part of my arsenal in avoiding eternal damnation. Or it could be just a personal bias as with most things.

Let's chat about a few.

I hate loud parties, I hate everything about them. I mean what is the deal anyway? Parties to me are an exceptionally effective way to achieving a terrible morning. And people aren't necessarily a joy to be around once they have nullified their thinking capacity through the quenching of their thirst. And as can be expected with every party the morning after comes with acute fake regret announcements and the sudden rush of multiple epiphanies that indulging in Smirnoff and herbal incinerates isn't the way to go in life. But we know the same people making these profound philosophical deductions will be first in line at the liquor shop come pay day.

The other thing is sex; yes, sex. Are we too open about it?

Growing up in my grandmother's house in Soweto a few things were certain: I have no right to touch the radio, I have no right to touch the television and if a steamy scene would appear while the family was watching a movie, I needed to point myself to the nearest exit to avoid the embarrassing aura, and before anyone asks why we didn't just change the channel: remotes aren't that old you know!

I don't understand the openness of sexual talk in this age. In many conversations I find they are peppered with sexual connotations which although I am old enough to partake in I'm not comfortable with at all.

Music too is filled with extremes of promiscuity and well-travelled genitals being the order of the day. No longer do we hear Anita Baker's Angel and how love is a beautiful space to be in. Now music celebrates sexual defamation and how some men's penmanship is just shy of an act of god.

I'm no prophet but I see a future where 3 year olds would be asking their parents what the dangers of vehicular fellatio are – that's not going to be a pleasant conversation.

So these are some of the things that go through the mind of this social-pariah. I'm sure if I spoke and networked more I wouldn't be so susceptible to this train of thought.

Then again, I find Casper Nyovest irritating – so what do I know. Maybe I'm just too old fashioned.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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