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Sloppy Wet Kiss: Lying With Christina (6)

By Tashinga Wazara, Zimbabwe:

'Let me go and call the police.' Michael said to his mother. Christina was standing next to him, sobbing, and she was about to follow him but he motioned her to stay. As he left the room he took the camcorder that he had left recording on his parents' dresser.

He went to the home phone and dialed 911. 'Hello, there has been a possible homicide at my house.' He made sure that he used the word 'homicide' as a way of pre-empting the police. They couldn't come in thinking it might have been an accident even though that's what it looked like. He needed more evidence to have Christina nailed and he thought he had it on the camcorder.

He went to his room and sat on his bed, the camcorder in his hands. His heart was beating at a rate of knots as he started playing back the tape. This was the moment of truth. Hopefully there was enough evidence on the tape to put Christina away for a very long time.

The camcorder had been placed facing the bed and so Michael could only see movement and action directly in front of his parents' bed. He had done this because he had hoped to get images of Christina sleeping with his Dad. The beginning of the tape showed his Dad leaving the room wearing his boxers and a white vest. The room was empty for about thirty minutes until his Dad came back into the room except that this time he didn't have his boxers on. He was only wearing his vest. He took his towel and went into the bathroom. Michael could hear the sound of running water but couldn't tell if it was coming from the sink or the shower. A few minutes later, the tape showed Christina walking into the room holding a metal pole. She went straight to the bathroom and Michael heard what sounded like three thumping noises one after the other. It was followed by Christina hurrying out of the room, with the metal pole in her right hand and she looked shaken. A couple of minutes later she ran back into the bathroom holding three white towels and there was no movement for about 6 minutes and then she left the room again with the same towels but they looked dirty. There was no movement for another thirty minutes and then the next images were of his mother first and then him when they found his father lying dead in the bathtub.

Michael sat on his bed and digested the tape he had just seen. His father had left the room in his boxers and come back without them. Where had he left the boxers? He imagined that he had left the boxers in Christina's room when they had probably had sex so he ran there and looked around but he couldn't find them. He then went into the bathroom in the hallway and was shocked when on the floor, in the corner, he found his father's boxers lying there. Had he had sex with Christina in the bathroom? Had they showered together? Why then had he gone straight to his bathroom after they had had sex?

As he tried to figure out this conundrum, his mind shifted to the metal pole and the towels. What was the metal pole for? And the towels were obviously to clean up something, but what? As he thought about this, it started to make some sense. Christina had hit his dad with the metal pole and the towels were used to wipe away the blood splatter. The only question there was whether Christina was strong enough to hit his dad with such fatal blows. He started looking for the towels. Christina's room. Nothing. The bathroom. Nothing. He went outside to the bin at the back. Nothing. The toolshed. Nothing. There was no trace of these towels.

He went and sat in the living room. His head was spinning. He was so close to figuring out what had happened to his father. He had the pieces but he just couldn't put them together. As he sat there, he heard a knock on the door. It was the police. 'Damnit!' he thought. They had come too soon. He had needed more time to prove that Christina was his father's killer. He opened the door and two police officers came in. 'Hello' one of them said. 'We are here in connection to a homicide?'

Michael nodded his head and led them upstairs to where his father's body lay. His mother was now sitting on her bed, still sobbing and Christina was standing next to her trying to comfort her. The police officers went into the bathroom and looked at Michael's dad's body. They looked around the bathroom for any signs of force or struggle but found none. The bathroom was squeaky clean.

'What happened here?' one of the policemen said. Michael opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by his mother who quickly said, 'We think he slipped while he was getting into the bathtub, hit his head on the edge, passed out and drowned.' Michael looked at her in shock. He knew that she knew her husband never ever took baths. How then could she make such an assumption when she knew perfectly well that it was highly unlikely? Michael was holding his camcorder and he said, 'If you look at the tape on my camcorder…..' Before he could finish his sentence, his mother interrupted again and said, 'You will find nothing. We thought the camcorder was recording but we looked and there was nothing on it'.

Michael was confused and incensed by his mother's behavior. Why was she doing this? Why was she actively preventing him from laying down the pieces that would lead to Christina being put behind bars? He looked at her with an eye that said, 'Mom what are you doing?' and she looked at him with an eye that said, 'Shut up and let me handle this.'

While Michael had been out of the room she had suddenly realized something: her husband had premium life insurance and she would be getting US$2 million. Any investigations or court hearings would mean that she might have had to wait for months, maybe even years before she got her payout and she wanted it now. The bathroom 'accident' seemed the best way to get her money now. Of course she knew there was no way her husband had tried to take a bath. Of course she knew that Christina was somehow involved even though she had no idea how. But above that, she knew another thing. Her lying, cheating husband was dead. All these years of torture and pain were finally over. The bastard was gone and she had an opportunity, as a result of it, to get real money from it. The money was her reward for sticking through this marriage for this long.

Michael, feeling defeated, walked out of the room and sat in the lounge. He was distraught. He was so close to putting Christina away but his mother had gotten in the way.

More police officers and forensic experts came to the house and after a few hours of investigation and questioning of Christina, Michael and her mother, it was determined that the probable cause of death was an accident. The only issue was the size of the wound at the back of Michael's father's head. It didn't look like it had been caused by the edge of the bathtub and also there was no evidence of exactly where on the edge of the bathtub Michael's father's head had hit. They determined that further examinations would be done during a post-mortem to rule out any other causes of death.

After the body had been taken away and the police officials had left, Michael went up to his mother and shouted, 'What was that all about Mom?!' and she said, 'Son, your father is dead. Let's not complicate things. None of these investigations and theories of your father's death will bring him back. I just want all of this behind me so I don't have to re-live it. It's difficult as it is.' Michael looked at her and said, 'But Mom, can you not see that SHE killed Dad?' pointing at Christina. 'Can you not see it? Do you even know who she is? She's that whore that Dad used to sleep with a couple of years ago. That's her Mom!'

This new revelation took Michael's Mom aback and she looked at Christina and started crying. Christina then picked up her bag and started walking towards the door. Michael stopped her and said, 'You're not going anywhere! You're coming with me. We're going to go to the police station and you're going to confess to killing my father!' Christina didn't say a word and Michael grabbed her by her hand and walked with her to the car. He put her in the car and took her bag to the trunk. As he put her bag in the trunk of the car he was distracted by a black bag that he found there. It hadn't been there before. He opened it and inside he found a metal pole and towels with blood on them.

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