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Sloppy Wet Kiss: Lying With Christina (5)

By Tashinga Wazara, Zimbabwe:

Hi, my name is Michael and I'm screwed. I thought I had it together, I thought I was in control; but now, standing here in my Dad's bathroom looking over his dead body in the bathtub, I wonder how I let it get this far. My father's death had nothing to do with me yet somehow, when I really think about it, it had everything to do with me.

It all started about two years ago when I was still living at home with my parents. It was a difficult time. My parents were on the verge of a divorce and it was all because of some woman that my father was seeing. I knew about it because I would overhear my parents fight about it all the time. As time went on, my Dad stopped making an effort to hide his affair, leaving traces of the other woman everywhere; on his phone, on his clothes and even in his speech. When Mom asked him how 'she' was he would say, 'She's good. She actually reminds me of you when you were young' and he would laugh away. In the end he was very emotionally abusive towards my mother and it broke her. Eventually she stopped waiting up for him and she stopped fighting with him. It was as if she had given up on him, on herself, on life in general.

She stopped dressing up when she went out of the house. She smiled less and she lost the glow in her eyes that made her beauty radiant. I watched all of this happen before my eyes and I hated my father for it. Sometimes my mother would tell my Dad that she wanted a divorce and he would laugh and say, 'Go ahead Liz, divorce me. But just know that you won't get a dime from me!' This would always shut my mother up and cause her to retreat. It seemed she valued her lavish lifestyle more than she valued happiness. My Dad knew it and used it to his advantage. I hated him for it. I moved out of the house and I promised myself that one day, I would make my father pay.

That's when I went on a crazed mission to find out who this 'other woman' was. It wasn't a difficult task. One Monday evening, I parked my car outside my Dad's office and waited for him to come out. He came out at around 10pm and I followed him as he drove to a motel downtown. The 'other woman' was already waiting for him there and she got out of her car when she saw him park. They shared a passionate hug and a kiss and started walking up to their room. She was taller than my Dad and one look at her well-endowed body explained how my Dad had fallen for her.

I started shaking with anger when I saw them together. I wanted to get out of the car and confront him but I knew that it would be a bad move. He would have cut off my allowance from the family trust, maybe even taken me out of his will and I couldn't have that. I couldn't lose the money. I guess I really was my mother's son. I had to come up with another way to make my father pay without directly implicating myself. After weeks of plotting and planning, I came up with the perfect plan.

This perfect plan led me to a bar where the 'other woman' worked as a prostitute and where I let her seduce me and get me to take her home. I even paid her for her services when we got to my house. For my plan to work I had to convince her to sleep over at my house and so after we finished doing the dirty deed I offered her some wine before we slept and I slipped in a couple of sleeping tablets to make sure she would be knocked out cold the whole night.

I woke up early the next day and made breakfast. From there, it was easy. All I had to do was act vulnerable and impressionable and to make her think that she was in control. She was a predator and I knew that if I flashed enough money in her face and put on the dumb little rich boy act then she would smell blood in the water and pounce. And she did.

I had to be patient in order for my plan to work out. All the money I spent on her was an investment; an investment in her destruction. I'd only stop after I had destroyed her like how her little relationship with my Dad destroyed my mother. My father would also pay….with every penny he had. The hardest part was removing every trace of information linking me to my father otherwise my plan would be blown.

The culmination of my plan came when I invited Christina to my parents' house for dinner. It was a brilliant move on my part. The two 'love-birds' had a little reunion and the level of discomfort on their faces was priceless. My dad hardly ate and Christina was visibly shaken. I couldn't imagine what it must have been like for her to be sitting next to her boyfriend and her boyfriend's father who also happened to be her ex-lover.

I went into the kitchen with Mom and left the two of them alone together. The storm was brewing. Either they would hate each other or one of them would want to re-kindle their love. I figured it was the latter because my father made a weird suggestion that Christina and I sleep over but sleep in separate rooms. I couldn't believe it. The bastard was actually going to sleep with his ex-whore again while I was sleeping next door!

My plan was to walk in on them in the act, take pictures and force my Dad to sign off two-thirds of his wealth to my mother and I otherwise I was going to leak those pictures to the press and destroy his career. When we went to bed that night I waited a few hours until I was sure that they must have been together and I went in to catch them but to my surprise Christina was alone. This puzzled me. Maybe I had underestimated my father. I waited up all night for footsteps or any sounds of entry into Christina's room but there was nothing.

I decided to make one last ditch effort the next morning. I offered to take my mother out for a walk. We would be out for about an hour and I half, I had told my Dad. Surely he couldn't resist Christina for that long! The only problem was that there was no way for me to catch them. I had a camcorder but I didn't know where to put it: in my Dad's room or in Christina's room. I took a gamble and put it in my Dad's room on a table facing his bed. I planted it while he was in the kitchen making coffee and my Mom and I got ready to leave.

But now, standing here in my Dad's bathroom looking over his dead body in the bathtub, I wonder how I let it get this far. All evidence points to this being an accident but I know too much about my Dad and Christina to believe that. There are only two thoughts on my mind now: firstly, what am I going to find on the camcorder that I planted and secondly, how the hell did Christina manage to lift my Dad's fat body and put it in the bathtub?!

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