Month: March 2015

Confessions of a Social Pariah, Reflections

Confessions of a Social Pariah: The Stop and Chat

By Spliph, South Africa: There is nothing as daunting as meeting someone you vaguely know and in the process being forced to start a conversation. These awkward encounters follow a universally agreed on process and go something like this: A: Hi B: Hey how are you? A: I'm very well and how are you? B: I'm good thanks….. wow it's […]

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Series, The Doctor's View

The Doctor’s View: How The Nightmares Begin

By Denise Kavuma, Uganda: There are people milling about on the earth every second of every day, going about their normal business with their neighbors none the wiser on what manner of skeletons lay in their closets. We've all experienced some shocking moment, some manner of horror; the stuff nightmares are made of. We know what they are and we […]

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Series, The Apprentice

The Apprentice: Benevolent Sexist

By Kizzy Katawonga, Uganda: The other day a friend shared with me an intriguing article that appeared on The Telegraph website. The article claims the chivalry by men is actually a benevolent form of sexism because the men believe women are weaker and need saving or help. “Psychologists found that a friendly or chivalrous attitude can mask chauvinistic and patronising views because the men […]

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