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Sloppy Wet Kiss: Lying With Christina (1)

By Tashinga Wazara, Zimbabwe:

We met at a nightclub. He was sitting down with his friends at a table near the bar and I was walking past. I saw him looking at me as I was walking past their table to go to the bathroom and then again when I was coming back. The look he gave me was a look I recognized, actually, it was a look I knew very well. Whenever a man looked at me this way, I knew he was going to be wrapped round my legs by the end of the night.

I was wearing a short black dress that showed my legs in all their perfection and my cleavage showed off my full breasted chest in all its glory. When I walked, I exaggerated my swagger. There is a kind of cockiness in how a woman walks that attracts men and it had worked for me for years. As I walked past their table I looked at him and smiled a little in a way that said 'I'm interested but you'll have to come for me'.

He got the message and moments later walked up to me and said, 'Hey how are you? What's your name'. I stopped and looked at him and said, 'Christina,' then I turned round and carried on walking. Men are like dogs, they like a good chase. Like the dog he was he carried on following me until I finally sat by the bar and he pulled a chair next to me, asking, 'What are you drinking?' I said, 'Brandy. On the rocks.'

I always drank brandy when I was working. It always took the edge off. It numbed me from any emotions of my actions, it allowed me to detach. After about an hour and a few too many drinks he finally said the words I had been waiting to hear all night: 'Let's go to my place'. I grabbed my handbag and stood up and whispered in his ear, 'It's going to cost you,' and he said, 'Ok that's fine, I'll give you whatever you want.' 'Oh my!' I thought to myself. 'I think I've found myself a rich one' I started walking out with him walking closely behind me.

You see, in my line of work you need to make sure that you are upfront about the fact that it's a transaction: my body for your money. It all has to be perfectly calculated. While we were having drinks I kept laughing at all his jokes and subtly touching his arm and putting my hand on his shoulder. This made him feel attractive and made him believe that he had already won me over. The more drinks he bought me, the more I exaggerated how tipsy I really was until he was comfortable that he had gotten me drunk enough to take home. By the time he said to me, 'Let's go to my place' he had already made up his mind that he wanted to sleep with me. So by the time I told him that it was going to cost him, he didn't care because at this point nothing was going to stop him from sleeping with me, not even money.

We got to his house about half an hour later. It was a penthouse in one of the expensive parts of town. I'd only seen these apartments in magazines and so actually being in one was incredible. Looking around his apartment, my suspicion was right. I really had gotten myself a rich one and if I played my cards right I'd probably be able to steal a few things when I left like I usually did with all my wealthy clients.

Before we did anything I told him to pay me first and I put the money in my handbag. We then carried on and consummated our transaction. It was very strange for me because he was gentle and took his time, as if he actually felt something for me. As soon as we were done I reached for my handbag and started dressing up to leave but he stopped me and said, 'Please stay the night.' I looked at him and lied saying, 'I really shouldn't but if you really want me to then I will' I then got back into bed.

I would wait until he had fallen asleep and then I would get up, take as much valuable stuff as I possibly could and I would sneak out and leave. He would never see me again. Looking around his apartment I could see a couple of expensive paintings I could take. This was going to be a big pay day and so I lay in his bed and waited…

Suddenly I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. My eyes scanned across the room as I recognized where I was. I was still at my client's house. I looked to the other side of the bed and he wasn't there. I then realized that he was the one responsible for the bacon and coffee I could smell. As I got up and started putting on my clothes he walked in to the bedroom and said, 'Good morning Christina. You woke up just in time for breakfast' I stared at him for a moment while at the same time cursing myself in my head. I had committed the cardinal sin in my profession. I had overslept.

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