Nigerian Spice: Politics with no Principles

Nigerian Spice: Politics with no Principles

By Emmanuel Adebayo, Nigeria:

It’s annoying when someone thinks to have an idea on how to end the suffering and killing of several people within the country s/he claims to love, but wouldn’t do anything about it unless elected as president. Does that sound off and selfish to no one but me?

Someone comes in and makes boast of what he has done within four years of ruling to better my life with my money and expects me to say THANK YOU! They take tax payer's money, do some pitiful projects here and there and make people run after them like they’re some philanthropists that have done the world some great good! This is totally absurd…

The campaigns these days are totally filled with statements that insult the very intelligence of the populace, unfortunately the people of the nation have totally conformed to the status quo. We seem to have gotten to the place where we believe there are no good people among politicians, so we’re just looking for the better DEVILS!

I believe in Nigeria, I believe we will excel, and this year is different. Just a word of advice to all aspirants for one political position or the other, including those I’d be voting for: Nigerians are smarter now, we know our rights, maybe not all we need to know now, but we know what we want and what we should get…if we vote you in and you mess up sir…the troubles of the latter will be greater than the former…! Selah

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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