Nigerian Spice: … and now we vote!

Nigerian Spice: … and now we vote!

By Emmanuel Adebayo, Nigeria:

I had a thought at the beginning of this year that it was going to be a year won over or lost in words… Battle of words! Little did I know how intense this battle will rage even in the political sector of my beloved country!

Choosing sides between either the retired Major General Buhari or President Goodluck Jonathan (GEJ) has taken a different turn, people have resorted to verbal abuse and curses when you do not share their views.

I was sitting in an office recently when an argument suddenly broke out in terms of who would be best for Nigeria, and boy did it get loud!

I will be honest with you. I’m presently confused, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so speechless in relation to the Nigerian situation, and this time I’m just not sure. My analytical mind seems to be failing me!

During the last election, I voted for Buhari just because I had no confidence in GEJ and one would think now that it looks like he has failed. I would just take it to the street and tell everyone, “I said so, didn’t I?!” But for some reason I just can’t… I really don’t know exactly why but I will try and see if writing will help put it into perspective.

I wouldn’t say that President Goodluck has done nothing for this nation, but I personally have some beef with him! He’s too slow, he does not seem so bright when he talks or responds to questions, and sometimes I’m tempted to question his PhD! He’s supposed to be the most educated president NIGERIA has ever had, yet he seems so damn! Now, I feel that he might have a heart for progress, but what can a man who is slow and not firm do among so many foxes that are ready to destroy the vine?

With regard to Buhari, hmm, I’ve got a lot to say about him, but I’m a little worried. Has anyone ever wondered why the Boko Haram insurgence started only after he and former vice president Atiku vehemently tried to oust President GEJ?
I just can’t seem to shake off the feeling that the Boko Haram problem was just a political strategy gone wrong! Buhari might be a good man, but I question his intentions…Why must he come back? I’m personally tired of seeing all those old goons parading themselves as the saviors of the same nation they jointly ruined! Hasn’t he been in the know of governance all this while? Why is he trying to feign ignorance?

I think I should stop ranting now and state what I desire: I desire a Nigeria where all the thieves will leave and not drain the hope we are left with: A country where we would stop rotating governments among the same people who have been destroying the nation.

I am not sure Nigeria really wants Buhari, but we are truly tired of President GEJ’s inactions. Here’s the dilemma: Do I vote for an inactive president or for an overactive one whose actions I’m not sure would totally favor me?

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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