Month: December 2014

Paper and Ink, Series

Paper and Ink: Femme Aimmee 28

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda: It's the conversations in my head that I hate the most. They remind me too much of our fights, where I tried to save something and it was like having a conversation with myself or worse still, with a wall. You certainly nailed how not to have a conversation however urgent it was. I've been evaluating […]

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Series, The Doctor's View

The Doctor’s View: Insanity and Rowdy Patients

By Denise Kavuma, Uganda: Aggression is one of those deplorable attributes and one never proudly admits to being violent…unless, of course, one is from an oddly specific Ugandan tribe that's nation-wide famous for exactly that sort of behavior. Sometimes though, you barely have enough time to try and find out which part of the country somebody comes from before s/he […]

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Nigerian Spice, Series

Nigerian Spice: Years of Intellectual Looting

By Emmanuel Adebayo, Nigeria: Sometime ago, a man made a statement that was reiterated to me by a friend, this statement was meant to be funny, but it made me sad. The statement was: “If Nigerians were all moved from Nigeria to America and all Americans were moved down to Nigeria, in a short while, Nigeria would become America and […]

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