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Paper and Ink: Femme Aimee 25

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

Sometimes I want to elope so bad I can almost taste it. But then I think about the practical problems;
1. Groom?
2. Where will I go?
3. Money?
4. Procedure, for instance, do you tell people before or after you have done the deed?
Oh well, guess I should wait for the next time I fall in love and then run with it and just tell everyone when we are all done. Still going along with the journey of getting over the person I thought was the love of my life.
The article that helped continued to offer me some pointers.
Know that he really doesn’t deserve you. Apparently if he made you feel bad about yourself its good riddance. I still remember our last fight right after we broke up where he insulted me and that was the moment I knew I could never trust him with my heart ever again.

Talk to your friends. Talking about it helps sometimes. I was afraid to because it made me cry but I realized crying is a catharsis and I feel much better after.

Try not to get jealous. The last time I heard about a replacement, I got pretty upset about it and even lashed out. This time I am planning to keep my cool. I decided to move on so I should learn to live with the consequences and come out on the other side.

Don’t rush into a new relationship. I intend to reinvent myself into someone I respect and like. After that maybe I can find my Mr. Right but for now it is all about finding me.

I know now that I deserve so much more than someone who will say stuff just to hurt me when things don't go his way; someone whose actions won't be influenced by other people's opinions. I want someone who has found himself and won't be intimidated by the heights I scale and the glory I will someday achieve.

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