Her Words

Her Words

By Tafadzwa Razemba, Zimbabwe:

No tears form, as I read her words
As I read her words
Over and over again

She so excited to hurt me
Her words cutting me like a cold jagged knife
Over and over again

She whom I’ve never met
Joyfully slicing at me
Over and over again

Just with her words
Blinding me, numbing me
Over and over again

Body too shocked for tears
Palpitations, ringing in my ears
Over and over again

Everyday for 3 months
Telling you he loved you
While he was lying in my bed
How he laughed at you
The man you love
That using you was easy
Lying to you a game

Her words said in jest
Under the guise of honesty
Over and over again

The unkindness of it all
Height of unfairness
Over and over agian

Scarred for life never to trust?
Or look for hope past her words?
Over and over again?

I am letting go of her words
Their potential to kill is over
Never and never again

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

Comments (2)

  • Mmoloki Molwantwa

    such a perfect expression of emotion

  • Lulo

    Funny how we hurt others in an attempt to disguise our own pain and anger.

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