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By Chido Nyandoro, Zimbabwe:

The completeness of the soul.
The voice that called me to look within,
I heard it, it told me to live a life of purpose, aligned with my soul,
I chose to settle but there was a void I could no longer ignore,
I drank away my sorrow,
Mummified my anxiety, i felt like a rejected pharaoh,
I sought happiness externally,
Instead of building it internally,
They say fake it till you make it
But when emotions are involved
You take your heart and you break it,
Drake's song was my lullaby
But my attitude was Kanye to people passing by,
I simply marketed a smile,
I neglected to heal and soon lost touch with what's real,
I made messed up choices that made me disappoint myself and those I care for,
I pray for their healing for I never meant to spread my pain.
I guess I pushed them away, no it was the shame
Thank God He never gave up even when others left and got fed up,
This time though, I want to see a real change,
Don't worry I'm not that messed up
My only wrong was not dealing with the issues I covered up.
God tells me I'm special I have something to offer too,
So yea I'm not perfect but he sees my good heart through and through.
He told me to let go of the pain, shame, and regret
What people think matters not,
That's the moment I chose to view my life from a different side, a new plot.
I know the life I want, but God has a greater plan.
I'm no longer soul-searching for completeness in the world on the ground,
The completeness I yearn for builds from within, it comes from beyond where only true purity abounds.

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