Who are we, really?

Who are we, really?

By Assumpta Nalubowa, Uganda:

Oftentimes, we find ourselves making sneaky comments like, “She brings out the best in me” or worse still, “she unravels my appreciation for art!”

Now; it is statements like these that slowly bring us to the creeping truth; that which continuously lurks in our personality and the manifestation of random events. Statements like these, simply bring everything we subconsciously fight so hard to conceal deep below, rumbling to the surface. They-though we do not realize-convey relation, association, and acceptance; silently defining who we are and the unseen characteristics of the universe we live in.

By default, we live in complete denial of their implication (and we should at least until right seems to break loose).
But; can an occurrence so composed be so random?
They say that we are all part of one whole, that we fit perfectly together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and yet we are all independent of each other!

For instance, we learn by association, and oftenly; our memory of an event is solely defined by memory of another. That we shall always remember how to drive given the constant (imprinted) memory of our driving instructor’s cologne!

At this point, I can’t help but wonder; what becomes of us when we forget these people?
Do we simply let go of the memory they used to be or do we forget a vastly noticeable percentage of who we are?

Do we simply lose our appreciation for art or do we completely forget how to see? Well; I myself can’t seem to find a plausible answer to this anomaly but the question: Who are we? Really?

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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