The Recruits: A Night Out

The Recruits: A Night Out

By Tafadzwa Razemba, Zimbabwe:

Sitting at a table on the balcony at St Elmo's, Taku looked at Simba, trying to understand what happened at Creamy Inn.
“Why did you do that, Simba? Michelle really likes him.” Taku said to Simba.
“Actually at first I thought Stephen knew, and I didn't understand why he'd go out with a prostitute. Then when I realized he didn't, I just wanted him to know. I've known him for a long time, it would have been wrong to keep quiet.” Simba reasoned. “I'm not about that fake life. Be who you are and own it!”
“But it's not up to you though. I'm like what she is, does that mean we don't deserve to fall in love and be happy?”
“You deserve to fall in love in integrity without deceit. Did you see her face though, she was so mad!” Simba said giggling.
“Hope she and I are still friends though,” Taku said a little sadly.
“You have me for a week, anyway. Let's go booting tonight. Adolf got me a room at Crown Plaza, you should come, and we get ready and have some fun tonight!” Simba said.
“Ok, won't sleep over though, you know I'm still not gay, this is just about the sheets,” Taku said.
“That's ok, as long as you own it.” Simba said laughing.

The boys after primping and prepping in Simba's hotel room, made their way to the club. Simba knew he'd have fun that night whilst Taku knew he'd either come out with a client or a paying partner. They drank, flirted, swanned and danced the night away. At about 2am, Taku was ready to call it a night. The whole process depleted his energy and ate away at his soul. The alcohol and occasional weed made it easier, but he truly hated who he had become. He looked around the room to locate Simba, so they could go. He last saw him about an hour ago, giggling on some guy's lap at the bar, but couldn't find him now. He decided to check outside at the entrance.

Walking out the building, Taku began to feel irritated. Honestly, if he's gone to get it on with some dude, he should have at least told him. Walking around the building, hoping he doesn't catch Simba doing the nasty wasn't on; he needed to find him. It was early in the morning with very little activity outside except for a few people still chatting and drinking, or getting into their cars to go home. Turning around the corner, he saw in the darkness, three figures and he heard muffled sounds of moans and cries. He thought that might be Simba and friends, he hesitated, considering stopping to let them finish their revelries. After a few minutes, he decided to get closer just to be sure.

He got closer and caught sight of one of the burly men pushing Simba to the ground. As Simba slumped to the ground, Taku began to panic, those men were hurting Simba. He ran towards them shouting at them, he looked around to see if anyone was around to help, but it was deserted.

“There's another one. Ngochani!” With that, the smaller of the two hurled himself at Taku. He grabbed his shirt collar and dragged him deeper into the darkness, where no one would hear them unless they were passing by. Taku flailed his arms and legs, trying to put up a fight. He glanced down at the lifeless body of his friend, in horror. His shirt, ripped and bloody, was raised, whilst he was naked from waist down, with bruises all over his body. Taku began to cry, losing his drive to survive. It had all been too much; none of what happened to him in his life had been a choice but a means to survive. As the tears fell for his friend and himself, he felt a sharp searing pain on his head. Touching the back of head, the warmth of the sticky liquid, the darkness cascaded upon him and he collapsed to the ground.

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