Reality in SA Society

Reality in SA Society

By Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa:

Formed and born,
From a womb of life, meaning and reason.
Setting foot on dirt,
Beginning walks of life
Life, in contrast-very vivid
Not at all insipid
Life innocent, mind unsaturated
Conscious undiluted with marginal difference between right and wrong.

Here I am
Here Stand
Talking strides of inner growth but barely making it in a society that's not of acceptance,
Where one is of total irrelevance
Unless there's something to offer then follows reverence
Izikhotanic (Izikhotane) tendencies reflecting ills
Pills, robbed off ordinary public to feed the nyaope monster within
Breathe in
Let us begin to trace where we went wrong
Where's the Ubuntu boss?

Double standards of the society,
Government in its entirety
Distancing itself from its people
Value of human life cheap
Land where it's normal for blood to drip
Education the gateway to success and taking to the skies,
Yet the educational system (textbook saga) put in place still denies
Digital gaps,
No remedies and steps
To bridge the forever-expanding gaps between the rich and poor.
Perhaps to opt for a new leadership?
The public hands-tied
Mentally paralysed
Expectant, at most times dependant on the state!
Precious time let's not waste
Let's begin to re-think our direction
Where's the justice mind you the leadership boss?
Is this what we call legacy?
This the African dream?

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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