The Recruits: Farai and Rudo

The Recruits: Farai and Rudo

By Tafadzwa Razemba, Zimbabwe:

Fabian: Hey you
Tim: Hi, how are you?
Fabian: I'm good. I loved that pic you sent me, you're hot
Tim: Thanks, you're not so bad yourself
Fabian: So when can I see you?
Tim: In due time
Fabian: Well, don't keep a man waiting too long
Tim: Don't worry, I won't.

Farai closed the website window, getting a little bored with this particular guy, Tim. He was moving so slow. The pace was tedious for Farai, who used the alias Fabian, especially for someone who just wanted to hookup. Maybe Tim wanted more, a relationship, but how would that work in a nation like theirs? He had had enough of internet chatting for the day and wondered what time his girlfriend would pass by his flat. She was supposed to be coming from an evening service at her church. She had been going to church a lot lately, he thought. Her church was one of those mega Pentecostal churches of the moment that were en vogue in Harare. That was not a good thing. That's how it all started, serious church attendance, talking constantly about God, and then refusing to sleep with him. He really hoped it would not get to that; he could not imagine the thought resulting in him having to find himself a new girlfriend.

“Hi, sweetie” Rudo said with a beaming smile as she walked into the flat.
“Meet my friend, Stewie from church. He lives a few houses away from me, so we figured we'd just go home together.”
“Hey, Rudo” Farai said, a little irritated that she was passing by with someone else. He was not jealous, just annoyed that his plans for the night with Rudo, were not likely going to take place.
“Hi, Stewie, is it? I'm Farai,” he said, reaching out to politely shake Stewie's hand without looking at him. His attention was concentrated on his girlfriend. The church effect had already begun and Farai was not having it.
Farai reached for his girlfriend to give her a hug and a peck on the lips, but his lips pecked his girlfriend's cheek instead as she turned her head.
“What the hell?” He muttered, growing more vexed.
“Rudo, can we talk for a few minutes?” Farai asked.
“Yes, of course. Will be right back, Stewie,” Rudo said apprehensively, as she followed Farai into his bedroom.

“What's this about, nhai Rudo?” He asked, as he shut the bedroom door behind her.
“What's what about, Fari?” She innocently replied.
“Why did you bring him here?”
“I already told you. I hope you're not jealous that another guy is walking me home. You could drive us both home, since you would have driven me home anyway.”
“That's not the issue, babe. I asked you to pass by, so we could hang out together. The two of us, without any third wheels. I'm in no way jealous of him”
“Ok, so there is nothing to worry about”
“You are not hearing me. We were supposed to have some us time, you're basically saying either I wait another day or we have a quickie,” Farai said, exasperation increasing.
“No, I said nothing about a quickie. We can have this discussion another day, I'm tired; I just want to go home. I just popped by to say a quick hello.”
“Seriously? You are going to leave me like this? Ok, we'll see who comes begging who for what.”
“Don't be like that, babe.”
“I'm going to take a shower, you can walk yourselves out.” With that, Farai went into his bathroom.

Rudo knocked on the door hoping to placate her boyfriend whom she truly believed was being melodramatic. After knocking and getting no response, she tried opening the door. Finding out that it was locked, she decided to wait a few minutes before she left. Walking into the lounge, she thought to check on Stewie.
“Is everything ok with you guys?” Stewie asked, turning away from the TV.
“Yeah, all is ok. Can you give me maybe 30 minutes? Do you want anything to drink?” Rudo asked Stewie.
“That's fine, I can wait. And no, nothing for me, thanks,” Stewie answered.

Returning to Farai's bedroom, Rudo wondered what the problem really was with Farai. It couldn't be about sex, because they didn't have it all the time. She really hoped he wasn't having a hissy fit because of Stewie. Stewie was just a friend, and evidently not even her type. Her type, which was Farai, was charming, boisterously funny, smart, good looking, tall with a bit of bulk and kind hearted, with a bad boy streak. Stewie comparatively, was on the quiet side, with a witty sense of humour, a little nerdy, skinny and not as tall as Farai. She had no feelings for Stewie, but enjoyed the conversations she had with him. He loved God and that's what drew her to him. Since she had been going to church, she was learning so much and her outlook on life was being transformed daily. Stewie was helping with that process, there was such a deep sense of peace and wisdom about him, which made her want to be around him to learn more.

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