The Recruits: A shocking discovery

The Recruits: A shocking discovery

By Tafadzwa Razemba, Zimbabwe:

Rudo could hear the water hitting the tiled floor of the shower.
'Might as well check my mail, she thought.' Switching on Farai's desktop computer, Rudo proceeded to open the Opera window. Before typing in the email website address, the website Opera immediately opened was a chat room. Rudo had a sudden sinking feeling. She stared at the home page which showed the previous user was already logged onto the website. It was a hook up or dating site. Rudo knew in her gut, that most hook up sites were not about getting into a relationship but about finding partners for consensual sex, especially in cities. Rudo's heart began to beat faster, she knew she should get off the website, but she needed to be sure. She needed to know it wasn't Farai who was using it, or if he was, that it was innocent.

She checked his recent chats and immediately felt a flood of panic engulf her.
The first few conversations from that day were all with men. Surely that meant they were just friendly conversations, she thought. As she read more, her head started spinning and she started shaking. She was in shock, no words to say, and no tears to cry. She looked at the messages again, trying to not overreact, trying to understand. 'Maybe it was all a misunderstanding,' she thought. Besides the messages were between Fabian and other people, not Farai. Who was this Fabian?

JT: Hi Farai, what time are you finishing work?
Fabian: Hey Leon, at 5pm. Why? Do you want to meet up?
JT: Yeah, I want to see you today. Our usual spot? We need to be discreet remember, don't be too obvious.
Fabian: Don't worry, discretion is my style.
JT: I'm also bringing along a young friend, we could have a little threesome going on.
Fabian: How old is he, I hope he's not too young?
JT: He's 15, that's a good age
Fabian: I'm sorry man, that's too young for me. You'll have to leave him.
JT: That's ok, your loss.

Rudo, could not read anymore.
The pain in her stomach intensified, squeezing her eyes shut, she was going to retch.
“Oh my god, oh my god…” She muttered continuously as her tears finally broke
through the surface. Rudo could not understand what was happening.
As she read the last message of the day, her tears clouding her view, she noticed the pictures exchanged between Fabian and Tim. The picture of Fabian confirmed it was Farai without a doubt. To her horror, she also recognized Tim.
“Maiwe! I cannot believe this!” Rudo started to wail.
She could not contain the tears anymore, the head spinning was worse as she gasped, feeling like she was being choked.
Pushing herself away from the computer, she was bawling, shouting out.

Farai opened the door to the bathroom, with his towel tied around his waist. He was disturbed by the sudden noise coming from his room which was supposed to be empty. The sight he was confronted with worried him. Rudo was on the floor, on her knees with her legs tucked and her head on the floor. She was crying out, visibly shaken.

“What's wrong, Rudo? Chi?” Farai in a panic, said scrambling to comfort his girlfriend who seemed tortured.
Rudo only cried louder.
“Please, tell me what's wrong.” He continued to ask.
Stewie knocked then opened the bedroom door.
“Ko chi?” Stewie asked nervously.
On hearing Stewie's voice, Rudo looked up with her puffy face and tear filled eyes, and started to wail even louder.
“Liar! Hypocrite!” She shouted at Stewie.
Turning to Farai, “I can't believe you would do this to me. I can't believe what you are. I can't believe this” As she put her head in her hands, as if to protect it.
“You cheated on me! With men!” She screamed at Farai.

Farai stopped breathing and became very still at the horror of what she just said. How would she have known that, he thought. As the adrenaline started to pump through his body, as he thought of ways to talk his way out of this; he felt helpless. Looking at Stewie, the realization of the whole situation dawned on him. What had Stewie told her, he wondered. He had no idea how he was going to deal with this.

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