Sloppy Wet Kiss: One Night in Chipo (7)

Sloppy Wet Kiss: One Night in Chipo (7)

By Tashinga Wazara, Zimbabwe:

'When you told me you were going to deal with the Chipo incident I didn't think you meant you were going to kill her!' Tom whispered.

He was talking to Chipo's mother as they were leaving Chipo's funeral. Chipo's father and her brother were thanking Pastor Michael for conducting the funeral for them and Tom and Chipo's mother were waiting for them by the side. Chipo's mother then said, 'Shut up Tom! How dare you make such accusations? Why on earth would I kill my own daughter?' Tom replied, 'Well you and I both know the answer to that. You did it to protect Chipo's secret! You couldn't bare the image of your perfect family being tarnished and so you decided to kill her? I don't get it though, why did you have to kill her? Your own daughter! Anyway, well, I'm the only other person who knows that your daughter had a child with your son so are you going to kill me next?'

'No, don't be stupid Tom. Of course not! I'm not having this conversation with you anymore,' Chipo's mother replied, and then she walked away.

Tom's last question made her panic because it was as if he had read her mind. She did want to kill him. She had been mulling over it ever since Chipo's death but she just didn't know how she was going to do it. She had done a terrible thing by killing Chipo in a stupid moment of anger and desperation and now she was in too deep. She had to get rid of Tom so that the police would never find out that she had murdered Chipo. They had concluded that Chipo had died of complications with her breathing after her surgery and so she was confident that they wouldn't carry out any other investigations into her death. Chipo's mother had barely slept since the incident. She kept remembering how Chipo struggled for air as she suffocated her. She wished she had stopped then. She wished she had removed the pillow from her face and put back the oxygen mask. But instead she had pressed the pillow down even harder until Chipo's body had finally let up. Only a monster could have done that and she was the monster. In two minutes of irrationality she had turned herself from mother to murderer. In retrospect, there was absolutely no need for her to have killed her daughter. It just didn't make sense. She had made a terrible, inexplicable mistake and she knew it.

This is why she found the prospect of killing Tom particularly difficult. A human life was not worth taking just to keep a secret about incest and so she decided that she wouldn't kill him. She had to find another way to make sure that Tom never told the police about what she had done. She couldn't afford Tom telling the police because she would almost certainly be charged with murder. She was 62 years old and conviction would mean that she would spend the rest of her life in jail. She couldn't afford that but she also couldn't afford to bloody her hands even more by killing Tom.

When she got home she called Tom and asked to meet with him the next day. They met at a coffee shop at around 5pm. He was already there and when she got there she sat down and handed him a piece of paper and a pen. It was a confidentiality document stating that Tom will never tell anyone about the fact that she is the one who killed Chipo. Tom looked shocked as he read the document.

'Tom I admit, I killed Chipo. It was a moment of insanity and I have no idea what I was thinking. What I did haunts me every day but I can't risk going to jail. I'm 62 Tom, if I'm arrested I'll die in prison,' she said
Tom looked at her, still in shock and said, 'You can't confess something like that and expect me to keep quiet? You shouldn't have told me because now I'm an accessory unless I say something to the police. If I sign this document and the police ever find out that you're the one who killed Chipo then I'm definitely going to go to jail with you. I'm not going to sign it.'

Chipo's mother's heart started beating fast and she said, 'Are you going to tell the cops Tom?'
Tom replied, 'No I won't tell the cops but I also won't sign this document. I promise you I won't tell anyone and you'll just have to go by my word. What are the chances that they'll catch you?'

Chipo's mother was relieved. She took a deep breath then replied, 'The chances are almost zero. The postmortem report says that she died of complications with her breathing probably caused by the surgery and so I doubt that they will investigate it further.' Tom then pushed her document towards her and said, 'Ok then, let this be the last time we ever talk about this.' He got up and left.

Chipo's mother felt a weight lift off her shoulders. Tom had given her his word that he wouldn't say anything and she believed him. Of all the things Tom was, she knew that he was an honourable man. The pain of killing her own daughter would never leave her and she would never get over it, but at least she knew that she wasn't going to face any jail time and that the secret of her children's incest would never come out. She would raise Chipo's baby as her own and she would never tell her son that it was actually his baby. It was better that way, for her son and for her husband. She would carry that secret to the grave.

When Chipo's mother got home she walked into the house and found her husband standing in the lounge with a policeman. He was staring at a photograph in his hand and he looked in disbelief. When Chipo's mother greeted him, he didn't even respond. She walked up to him and looked at the photograph he was holding and she dropped her handbag and started shaking. It was a picture of her standing over Chipo's body in her hospital room suffocating her with a pillow. There had been a CCTV camera in Chipo's hospital room.

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