Sloppy Wet Kiss: One Night in Chipo (6)

Sloppy Wet Kiss: One Night in Chipo (6)

By Tashinga Wazara, Zimbabwe:

The hospital room was dead silent. The only sounds you could hear were the intermittent bleeps from the heart monitoring machine that Chipo was connected to and the oxygen mask that was helping her to breathe. The doctor said that she was stable and that she would wake up any day from now. A few hours ago Chipo's family had been in the waiting room preparing themselves for the bad news that they believed would be inevitable, that Chipo was going to die, but now seeing her lying there in a relatively stable condition was nothing short of a miracle. Chipo's father's face resembled relief and renewed hope while her mother's face resembled pure joy. Her baby girl was going to be OK. She looked at Chipo as she slept and gently rubbed her arm, with a loving smile plastered on her face. Chipo's brother had avoided being in the same room as Chipo for almost a year now but this time, in the hospital room, he was glad to be there. In spite of what had happened between them, she was still his sister and he loved her.

Tom was also there with them. But his face did not resemble joy, or relief, or love. If any one of the people in the room had taken a moment to look at Tom, they would have seen that there was something wrong. He looked like someone who had just seen a ghost and was still in a state of terror. That was because just ten minutes ago, when Tom had found out in a letter that Chipo had written him thinking she was going to die, that the baby he thought he was fathering with Chipo was actually not his but it was her brother's baby. It wasn't the worst news that he had ever heard; it was worse. His mind kept trying to make sense of it but when he tried to piece it together it just didn't make sense. 'So Chipo had a baby with her own brother and framed me. Why would she do that?' he kept thinking. He looked at Chipo's brother doting over his little sister and he felt disgusted. He couldn't understand how someone could have sex with their own sister and not want to kill himself. His confusion soon turned into anger at the thought of the betrayal he had been suffering for the past year. His heart started beating fast and his hands started shaking. He decided there and then that he was going to get his revenge. He was going to expose Chipo and her brother's dirty little secret. The question now, was how.

A little while later, the doctor came into the room and told them that they could see Chipo for five more minutes and then they had to go so that she could rest. They then all gathered together and held hands and prayed, thanking God for the miracle of Chipo's life and asking God for Chipo's full recovery. While they were praying, Tom had his eyes open the whole time, ridiculing their prayers and brandishing them a farce. In Tom's mind, Chipo didn't deserve to live because of what she did. She deserved to die, and not only that, she deserved to go to hell and burn forever with all the murderers, thieves and other sinners of this world because what she had done to him was worse than murder. According to him Chipo and her brother didn't deserve God's mercy.

They finished praying, said their goodbyes to Chipo and started making their way out of Chipo's hospital room but as Chipo's mother got to the door, Tom stopped her and asked her if he could talk to her for just a minute. She then told her husband that she would meet them in the car park and she came back in and closed the door.

Tom then took out the letter that Chipo had written for him and said, 'Ma'am just before Chipo went into surgery she wrote me this letter and to be honest I don't even know what to think right now. It has completely just messed me up.'
Chipo's mother looked slightly confused as Tom handed her the letter. She opened it and as she read it tears just started flowing down her cheeks and she said, 'No! No! This can't be true! It just can't!' Chipo's mother was completely horrified. She looked at Tom and said, 'Son, please go wait for me in the car park with everyone else. I just need a few moments to myself. Oh and please do not tell a single soul about this letter, please. I'll get to the bottom of this.' Tom then left the room and Chipo's mother was left in there alone, pacing up and down trying to think of what to do. She determined in her heart that no matter what happened this could never come out.

She then tore up the letter into tiny pieces and threw it in the bin by the door and she walked up to Chipo's bed and said, 'How could you do this to us Chipo? How could you and your brother do this to us?' She then went to the door and locked it, then went back to Chipo's bedside. She took off her oxygen mask and said, 'I'm so sorry my child.' Then she took one of the pillows from under Chipo's head and began suffocating her. She was sobbing as she suffocated Chipo for what seemed to be a very long time and Chipo tried to struggle to breathe but she was too weak and eventually her struggles became weaker and weaker and then finally, nothing. The pulse-like bleeping sound on the heart monitoring machine was now replaced by a continuous bleep. Chipo's mother then put the pillow back under Chipo's head and put the oxygen mask back on her. The continuous bleep would soon alert the nurses and so she literally had a few seconds to get out of there and she rushed out and went to the bathroom. Luckily, nobody saw her.

She got to the bathroom and started vomiting in the sink. She couldn't believe what she had just done but if she had had another chance, she would have done it again. Her children's' secret could never come out no matter what. It would ruin their family forever. By now there was a frenzy around Chipo's room and she came out of the bathroom and rushed there. Her husband and her son were already there and she looked at them pretending to be confused and said, 'What's wrong? What happened?' and her husband replied, 'Love, we were called back into the hospital while we were waiting for you in the car park. Chipo is dead' and he held her as they both started crying.

Tom was standing behind them and he said, 'I'm really sorry for your loss.' Chipo's mother then turned round and looked at him and said, 'Thank you Tom.' But then it suddenly hit her; Tom was the only other person who knew about their secret and he might figure out that she was the one who had killed Chipo because he had left her in Chipo's hospital room alone.

She realized that she needed to take care of Tom and make sure that he never spoke about this, to anyone. He had to be eliminated. She just needed to figure out how…

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