What kind of love…

What kind of love…

By Talent Mqongo, South Africa:

When the trials and tribulations of life had me against the ropes

Peace & be still, it commanded my sensations putting me at ease

When suspicious minds in a state of paranoia got me perjuring

She asked, ‘Do you trust yourself enough to love someone without hurting?’

By shifting the affection course to something as a replacement

Unconditionally said yes and she left no breach in my emotional tent

What about the time I fell, tried to get up and I fell again

She taught me to be resilient and bold enough to stand the rain

Through dark nights and stormy weather when I thought I was gone

She was my moonlight that directed my path saying I'm never alone

Felt like it was so much so I tried to share and I lost it

She assured me that I wasn't strong enough to bear it

And the time I panicked and thought had no other choice

She told me to always remain active and attentive to the voice

Voice of hope, voice of love, voice of faith, unity and peace

Why am I living to die instead of dying to live?

Gently she says, 'those are some of the choices you have in life'

What kind of love is so forgiving, compassionate and tolerant?

What kind of love makes you well through all the misery and pain?

What kind of love, after you have lost it all, makes you whole again?

What kind of love is it, was it, and going to be?

Love concluded by saying, 'The one and only unconditional love'.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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