*Sowetan girl breaks my heart*

*Sowetan girl breaks my heart*

By Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa:

In the beginning

This is me, now reminiscing

It was me and her – Pearl

Our hearts dark, void and without form – like Genesis' Earth

Life had just pulled one of its mysteries on us

Life, Love and Time had been kind to us, thus no fuss


As I turned to gaze at the beauty of her

I saw that the distance was fair

Eyes trailed from feet

Slowly shifting with hers to meet


I could feel the pulse impact

In fact, my usually cultured heart

Never foresaw the unfolding love effect

Two hearts magnetically aligned and assigned by the Universe

For it had said in a verse – You are not meant to be broken

And the unknown was opened

Such impressions

She had on me – I had never seen

Such an attraction

Between us – had never been

No, wait – such chemical reactions were not a natural cause

For she was a silent force

With flawless beauty

True unspoken, untamed entity

Her name meant queen to me


Substantial time elapsed

And she and I grew close in ways man could not grasp

As close like a nail and finger

Like a tree and its shade

At that moment my love was eminent and could not fade


I vouched my love and at that same time

She got a call from an ex-lover who was once her prime

A call from a man that caused pain and shame had returned

Caught in the middle if this – I was never prepared


Her heart was heavy and seemed to gravitate towards the past

As the God of love asked whether she chose the future or past

She made a decision

One that left my heart broken

An arrow through my heart – what an incision!

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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