By Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa:  

These words are just a shadow of what you really mean and stand for in my life

Yes, an old testament that does not begin to newly testify the woman that you are

The silence of midnight was broken by your screams as labour stood knocking

On the door of past and present

Each foot on each realm – tapping to time's 'tic toc' rhythms

As the future unfolded

Chemical imbalances sequenced as you carried me without fail

Striding your way to hospital as waters and sweat broke

Blood dripping down your thighs while the Earth opened up and sought to sip

Thus, that I be introduced into the world

You gracefully carried my weight along with yours

As you balanced and stood your ground as adversity came

You shook the lands and the womb fiercely with lullabies and hymns when nights of trouble set

Mama, you broke portions of life and fed me from the day I lay in your arms

Until the day I stood on my own two feet

You broke Wisdom in to bits, and showed me that the Wise first become the 'Dom'

And that Wisdom itself is fine-lined

You never hesitated to say “Wis” and “Dom” were bridged and met somewhere through experience

Forgive my tongue, for words fail me

Mama, your God lives

You are delicate yet you possess immeasurable strength

You possess the strength of man and woman combined

A woman of underestimated stature yet you stand in the midst of kings and queens

You stand tall in my conscious

A rough diamond in the midst of social rubble

Mama, you exhume confidence in silence as your enemies think that that is all to you

Then you open your mouth and they all fall to the ground

You glow through your troubles

That's just God's mystery behind the phenomena “Woman”

Work of your hands are blessed

Forgive my tongue, Joyce, for words fail me!

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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