He wasn’t just a man

He wasn’t just a man

By Talent Mqongo, South Africa:

I called Him Father yet I never met Him

He accepted, tolerated and embraced me beneath him

Here on earth can't fathom what a mortal life's worth

Tell me am going absurd as my life obscures in this filth

He wasn't just man I say unidentified not even as a fifth

Gobbling whips He endured the pain enabling me to whiff

Asked for water, opportunity for them to prove they were sick

Mary witnessed as they tacked His body to the sticks

Had I been there could've traded places also for us sake

Prophecy fulfilled, bearing nothing to put at stake

Wasn't just a man yet he left it and we put it all to waste

Plans He had of all, prosperity for us of more than just a taste

Miscommunication and elaboration of the law, the world at unrest

 Glorified above angels I feel his essence echoing within my chest

He wasn't just an ordinary man as I contemplate the weight of the cross;

He carried for my life not to disintegrate down to a loss

Torment, agony, insults I cannot envision for me he suffered it all

Thinking he was finished, he taught me how to rise from my fall

He wasn't just an average fellow I say as I now burst in his splendor

He wasn't just a man who has the name inscribed in my heart to remember

Tender and precisely he continues to chasten my time for the better

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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