Not enough tears

Not enough tears

By Talent Mqongo, South Africa:

It's been long up to a point I don't remember

God tried his best just to calm my temper

The world pulled all its ammunition upon this life

Stranded in pain and life consumed by misery & strife

One day I think, thinking this silver lining comes to end

Closer to a century comes realization lives still to mend

No knowledge whatsoever how it all came to this

Break of dawn, the Lord scooped us out the bliss

Not enough tears and emotional TKO's knocking me down

Cast out and accepted the consequences of my past tone

Realizing how much blessed I am with His will to come

Tangible assets on a silver platter adding no value to my existence

The Light shined on me with encouragement of persistence

Everything had been established up and didn't even know it

Satisfactory smile contrived on my audible tool kit

Elevated by His grace realizing what is my life's purpose

Shame the devil; that was my signature to compose

It is done, my life, my story, not enough tears.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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