Every Dawn I Die

Every Dawn I Die

By Jensen Rubahamya, Uganda:

Confronting this depression is heart
I’ve crashed my spirit a thousand
Trying so hard to find elusive
Looked forward to growing up, but now
stuck on a distant childhood
Nothing is quite what it was
before anymore
The youth bursting with hope and
life now getting visions of ending it
Desperately flirting with wrong
choices in a small world
The innocence flitting across a face
that has seen more tears than smiles
Praying endlessly to a GOD he has
all but lost faith in
Offering mild remonstrance to the
triviality of an unbecoming life
Sipping on the bittersweet dregs of
withered hope
Finding solace in Empathy
Struggling with fits of rage
Angry at everyone and cursing his
Basking in the joy in his pain
Holding back tears at the thought of
his parents
Intertwined in the agony of a
pending separation
Ignorantly rapturing his soul
Shattering his imagination and
blowing up his heart
Threw my conscience in a well
Hoping to draw some hope and
What is my life worth if i find distress
in it
Tried living it on a margin
And broke my nose resisting the fall
I wish we dream and dream we wish
That this stench of a life is all but a
Find inspiration in me
Suppress me with love and flaunt it
Eat off my words and grow intellect
Pray 4 this disturbed soul
Fill the balloon in this heart with
Learn from these mistakes
And teach that new found knowledge
to this troubled mind
Look into this teary eye, cite a cure
Lift this hate, grow a muscle off it
Exorcise these demons…coz

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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