Dreamt of Brighter days at once

Dreamt of Brighter days at once

By Talent Mqongo, South Africa:

When did I go wrong when it all felt right?

True culture in motion perceived as a might

Like a thief I lavished in the night

Maybe I was right yet I lost my sight

Blinded by this sphere landed in this plight

Against the whirlwind I flapped in my flight

Bursting in the day due to fear of the night

Things I cannot change don't make me right

Who could've foreseen a man in this dilemma?

Days like this bring nostalgias about my mama

Never used to love us but I still express thanks to my nana

Gratitude to my maker now I live by the hour

Lost one am not for I flourish like a flower

Submissively am being nourished by the highest power

Dreamt of brighter days at once

Faithfully I breathe without rendering history a pitiful glance

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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