Amid a Traffic Jam

Amid a Traffic Jam

By James Scott, Uganda:

This journey,

Moderately loud sound

No sound from lips

Pairs of earphones in a few ears

Engines roaring all about us

Some eyes closed but open yet again

As buttocks vibrate at the start of the old engine.

Six female,

The rest male,

Strangers brought together by destiny

Only to part as strangers still.

The radio still moderately loud

One Male starts to speak loudly

Louder than the radio's loud sound,

I can hear his phone call dialogue,

Then hers too,

A Sigh!

I close my eyes and lay my head back,

I can't wait to get home,

A day's work is done.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Edith

    Eish, very relatable … public transport diaries

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