She Will Know

She Will Know

By Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa:

With a broken birth, childhood and potentially breaking youth

I will accept her and colour her world vividly

With crayons as I animate alphabetical notations that proclaim hope and healing

From my heart to hers

With a broken heart, spirit and potentially breaking trust

I will embrace her and delicately gather those thousand pieces

Of tortured memory and slowly

Mould them into a vessel of love and completeness for her to swim in

I will culture my heart, mind and possibly every atom of my being

To arrange with all corners of the Earth

To mobilise towards her well being

The divine being in me will shout prayer

Before the living God orders the rising command to the sun

Praying for her than me will be a routine of the day

I will defy universal laws of nature

To obtain five chambers in my heart

One to be specially made for her

Yes I will be the little voice of few words inside her

That speaks and keeps her sane in the still of the night

Imagine solid ground in the dessert

That will be me, for her stand upon

When the world isolates her into unknown lands

I will be the man in her life,

Then she will know –no love is like my own

Yes she will know that no man possesses love for her more than I

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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