2013 – An Eye-Witness Account

2013 – An Eye-Witness Account

By Timothy Bamwita, Uganda:

Methinks old friends, after reading this, should anyone feel hard done by, it is noteworthy that the writer suffered a series of misfortunes, financial distress, was dumped in 2013 just as he thought of drawing a dagger on the relationship (on second thought, it was to his very obvious relief), still suffers pain from a cracked knee cup of a 2012 car crash (talk of a whole solar annular pain), to mention but a few…. What a year!!!

Oh boy, I haven't clenched fists at life before as I did in 2013. Life in a way taught me the stance, lead, hook, jab and the uppercut. Only many a time, bewildered and overwhelmed by the severity of what fell upon me though with relentless willpower to come out triumphant. It is indeed true; life favors the brave and those that keep trying.

Bloody nights: oh yes, these were quite many; some out of dire frustration at just about anything trivial for as long it came close to mattering. Even when I moved far away from my usual company, it was as bloody as before. If record was taken, then I lost count. At this stage, one can only hide behind Albert Einstein's wisdom; “Not all that counts can be counted and certainly not all that can be counted really counts”. I surely drank my frustration away especially when my beloved Manchester United suffered a bad streak of luck with the coming of David Moyes and the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson. The curse still persists, even in the New Year and whoever bewitched MAN U still has her old bosoms exposed for special effects. What else could explain such pounding losses? One would undoubtedly add the Uganda Cranes to the list.

Once beaten, twice shy, so they say but I say; twice beaten forever shy. Enter the Armageddon hangover: Vuvuzelas, drums and anything that could produce a sound were often times accompanied with trucks full of beer for the supporters of Uganda cranes at the Mandela National stadium. Nothing and absolutely nothing materialized out of those decisive matches save for the men that resolutely went home senseless drunk; with their guts begging for free fall- drunk enough to kick the day lights out of their spouses and children alike. You're sure to see souls in sorrier states but this specter is unforgettable and the writer lives to tell the story.

Not all that glitters is gold. Women: I never for once thought in this beautiful life that a bunch of comrades would grudgingly agree that the fairer sex is one, hard to understand. So much more it was for one poor soul that both lamented and concluded that no wonder they were created while men were asleep. Ask Vladimir Putin who rested his case on the infamous pussy rioters in Russia and simply set them free from confinement. Kidero of Kenya was so infuriated that he slapped a woman in public; with the footage aired on national TV. Yes, on National TV! As for renown Kick boxer Golola Moses of Uganda- one that can “look” at a woman and she gets pregnant; for the very first time knocked out an opponent- a one Titus Tugume after two jabs and was dramatically declared winner, sending the opponent into bewailing in a rather heavy lisp that the match was “an affair”. Some people!

Oblivion and obituaries: Renegade soldier David Sejjusa, USA's biggest threat- Snowden and many others are still at large firing from afar while Egypt and infant South Sudan went physical in civil strife; totally forgetting the peaceful message of reconciliation that the greatest African statesman, Madiba Mandela lived for. Africa and the world will miss you Mandela.

Done and dusted: The sentimental connections with the Kenyan weakness, the hypocrisy and pretense of those that called themselves friends, the usually cheap fake products that have come to be called the opposite of original- Chinese, the seemingly unbreakable habits, ad infinitum….. And yes, your guess is as good as mine- hope lives to drive my spirit through this New Year.

Regrets: None whatsoever. I did my best. Aluta Continua!!!

Wishes: Peace for the pathways, wisdom for the work, friends by the fireside and love to the very last. A super duper 2014 folks!

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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