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My honest poem (inspired by Rudy Francisco)

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

I was born on November 30th; I hear that makes me a Sagittarius.
I dunno what that means.
I know how to swim, and I’m a sucker for a guy with a nice smile
And nice words.

I’m still learning how to whisper sweet nothings
I’m often loud at times when I should be quiet
I’m often quiet at times when I should be loud
I keep holding back or letting it all out at the wrong time.

I like sweet drinks… a lot.
I’ve been told that I give pretty bad hugs
People say that it feels like I’m trying to escape
Well I don’t like letting people close.
Especially close enough to hear me breathe.

I have this odd fascination with things like time machines and technology,
I assume it’s because I like to figure out how things work and fix them.
Am the same way with people, like to know what’s coming before it does.
Love usually lasts a few moments,
That’s also why I tend to fall in love with men
Who would never love me back
I know it sounds crazy, but it’s actually much saner than it seems
And to be honest, I think it’s safer that way
See relationships, they often remind me that I’m not afraid of letting go.
But I’m scared of what’s gonna happen
The moment that my body hits the ground
I’m clumsy. I usually trip when am following my feelings.
I landed on my pride and it shattered like a mirror i check daily.
Now I can’t even tell who’s trying to give me a compliment
or just trying to get into my pants.

I’ve never been into martial arts but I have all these bruises,
I got from beating myself up over things I can’t fix
I know it sounds weird but sometimes,
I wonder what the voices in my head say when am asleep.
I wonder what the doors would do if they found out
About all the things that I’ve done when they are closed.
I’ve got a trash can that’s overflowing with really, really obnoxious mistakes
And a dump site in my closet with all the skeletons.
You’ll trap me in a corner and insist I get help.
Hi, my name is Em,
I enjoy ice cream and yoghurt, people watching
And figuring out how to make them work.
I allow myself to cry more than I need to,
from letting all the wrong people in.
I have solar-powered energy, I have a battery-operated heart,
It flickers and dies from overuse.
My hobbies include rewriting my life story, hiding behind poems,
And trying to convince myself that I do matter to someone.
I don’t know much, but I do know this
I know that if you don’t have standards,
you won’t be treated right and be happy.
I know God is still reworking my faults and flaws,
I’m a unique work in progress.

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