A room of darkness

A room of darkness

By James Scott, Uganda:

Living Life is like walking through a dark room; an endless room of darkness, knowing where you are but never where you are going. You simply keep going, following or not following the instructions you hear from those you first get to know and then others you get to know, deciding what is good from what you learn on the way.

Even if you stop to look at life and try to get it right, all you have are the options before you and a hope for better, whose reality you search for never knowing when the darkness will end, endlessly wondering what lies beyond it.

They say obey your elders, they know what is right. So it must be that only he who has walked about in this dark room long enough can tell a novice to this room where to go.

But how can that be?  All blind men describe the elephant differently.

My fellow men I cannot trust but if there be One beyond this darkness, I will follow Him to lead me beyond this room, to the place where He dwells! I still wonder what lies beyond.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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