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The Beat in Beauty

By Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa:


The only way to describe her

For she moves

Left and right, pedalling her feet

Short, cut hair

Body shaped like a pear

Majestic hand manoeuvres

Moving synchronous to the beat

As she oozes down the street


Slight jingles

Articulated by her bangles


Slight pimples

With a golden tan seasoned

By the equatorial sun that embraces the soils

she knows not how they've come to existence


The greens stop and gaze

At the queen

At a distance

Light beams

Do me justice

Helping me to set my eyeballs on her

Pulsating blood streams


This is a dream.

I have not even begun to describe her

See her walk

She's here now

She's there next,

The beat in beauty.

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