Paper and Ink: Giving up your choices

Paper and Ink: Giving up your choices

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

Half a dozen of the things we do are a result of pressure from someone else. It could be a subtle or direct kind of force and persuasion. We do things to get validation, to fit in, to help others and even 'just for just'.

Children are my favorite people; they haven't had their curiosity scared out of them by the cat cliché. They will innocently ask you why someone in a see-through dress is naked or why a certain auntie just ate her makeup. To get them to do something, bribing and cajoling might have to be utilized.

You wonder why we, adults give up our free will and do jobs we don't want to get things we don't need. Did the free world just lose its luster so that we settle for less than we deserve? Happiness, patience, kindness have all been thrown down the gutter in pursuit of compromise.

Whatever happened to following your dreams! Instead, we clip off the wings of our children and brainwash them with ideals of what we think they should have. We laugh at their attempts at creativity and stifle them with responsibility and duty. We make them live by our dictates.

We willingly gave up our lives and now trudge along daily to something that we were told is better for us. Isn't it more logical to decide what is good for yourself? You spend more time with yourself than anyone else in the world. You alone can hear your every thought; thinking goes on right in your head. You experience every dream for yourself when you sleep and wrestle with your sub conscience. Will you smother it with the weight of other people's expectations? Listening to yourself is the least you can do for yourself.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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