Illusions of a Bachelor: Look who’s talking!

By Aaron Aroriza, Uganda:

“These young people are over ambitious. They want to have everything in their 20's. Their midlife crisis is happening before they are even 30.” Look who is talking!

Talking about today's young people who want to buy and drive the best cars, build and live in their dream houses, be their own bosses, be C.E.O's of multimillion corporations, get and execute contracts worth billions of money, fight for, and have all conceivable human rights and freedoms, hangout with the hottest specimen in the opposite gender pool, sleep with every sexy variety in the opposite gender, take (and be taken by) those twice their age to bed: All while they are still in their 20's and sometimes even in their teens. But alas, look who's talking!

Look who's talking about a generation that wants it all and wants it at a young age! Our grandfathers built their houses in their teens, married their first wives before they hit 20 and married probably their 10th wives fifty years later – wives that would be a third their age. Our grandfathers, those who could, bought bicycles in their early 20's. My grandfather used to tell me he was the first man to own a bicycle in our village. He must have been in his late teens and a bicycle in those days could be compared to a real car in this age – not just a vitz. No offence intended.

Our grandfathers were their own bosses, with their own banana plantations, shambas and farms, working only whenever they wanted – which, as those who have been self employed can attest, is everyday and every hour. They were C.E.O's of their family businesses – which comprised of a corporate work force of wives and children. And they didn't have to wait till they were fifty and about to retire to be made C.E.O's. They slept with all the village belles they wanted right from the time they got circumcised. They had everything in their 20's and their fathers never called it a mid-life crisis at 25. The culture set out by our great predecessors usually even resulted in juvenile kingship. Could you imagine a juvenile president in our age? A juvenile king, maybe – and we've seen some in our life time because of the precedence set by our great grandfathers. But a spoilt juvenile president? That, you will have to show me someday.

You might all have heard cries about this current young generation being over ambitious and acting like they are having midlife crises in their 20's.  But look at those who are talking. Do they know the things their fathers and grandfathers did in their 20's? Isn't this young generation a reincarnation of those who lived many generations ago?

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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