Month: October 2013

Short Stories, Tale Africa

How to kill a Holy Man (continued)

By Sir Amos Mwine, Uganda: Lucas couldn't restrain his happiness. Quite promptly, he had shot up from his chair so much so that he had toppled it behind. With a sinister smile now, his face beamed with expectation. Finally, he thought, the truth will be revealed. Everyone had thought the lanky man was surely heading to the pulpit but instead, […]

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Poetry, Tale Africa

The Beat in Beauty

By Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa: Music… The only way to describe her For she moves Left and right, pedalling her feet Short, cut hair Body shaped like a pear Majestic hand manoeuvres Moving synchronous to the beat As she oozes down the street   Slight jingles Articulated by her bangles Dimples Slight pimples With a golden tan seasoned By […]

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Series, Taxi Tales

Taxi Tales: Suffocating in a Taxi with cheap perfume

By David Tumusiime, Uganda: We stumbled out of the taxi like gas chamber escapees: faces screwed up, on tottery legs. Blinking into the bright sunlight like stunned night clubbers. No one able to immediately walk away from the taxi with goose stepping purpose. Secretly surveying each other before we dispersed. One last time. Our nostrils clearing up. Everybody was taking […]

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Group Marriages, an alternative to Polygamy

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda: In this day and age where polygamy is like the perpetual kid in the marital bed, relationships are evolving and people are beginning to question the safety provided by marriage and monogamy. A common question would be; if you know you aren't the only woman in his life, why carry on the farce that you are? […]

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