Illusions of a Bachelor: Who am I to judge?

By Aaron Aroriza, Uganda:

It's been quite a week. First I got news on my facebook wall that pedophiles were beginning to demand for their rights. Yes pedophiles – people who find children and babies, sexually irresistible. They want the act of taking children and babies to bed legalized. Is it even illegal now? A story of some old woman who wed a young boy of about eight years after the boy's ancestors had instructed him to marry the old hug has been doing rounds on the internet; I didn't see any arrest story. Then the pope, coming from Brazil on Monday, was asked about his opinion on homosexuality. His reply: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” I was about to say I doubt the pope has been reading his bible of late. I was also about to cringe at the idea of pedophiles fighting for their right to sleep with my future eight year old daughter. But then I remembered; who am I to judge.

Who am I to judge when two consenting adults of the same sex decide to love each other enough to engage in creative sexual acts. Creative because trust me, you would have to have some vivid kind of imagination to figure out how to sexually utilize body parts of a person with whom you share gender. I must admit, I like the creativity that goes into that act whether the players were born with that gift or they just learnt as they grew up.

Whereas there is consent in homosexuality most times, those against pedophilia will argue that its legalization shouldn't see the light of day because children cannot give sexual consent. Even some of those fighting for gay rights will be against pedophiles. They will call them criminals – defilers. I hope the pope doesn't get to judge them. I won't judge them. If some people can be born gay, surely some people can be born with the natural urge for fresh, young sexual organs. Unfortunately, those kinds of sexual organs can only be found on young children. Regardless of that, pedophiles should have the right to quench their urge. It's not their problem that they were born that way. And in a world which has chosen the path of tolerance, the path of liberal thinking, the fight for all conceivable human rights, there's no reason why our pedophiliacs should be marginalized.

I know children can't give sexual consent but you see, neither can horses. Yet I'm aware that it's legal to 'play sex' with a horse in some states of the United States of America. It's in the same America where kids have been given so much freedom. I wouldn't be surprised if one day, these kids fight for their right to play sex with adults especially if these adults splash around a lot of money to fund these little activists. Pedophilia activism then won't be looked at as an immoral crusade of adults wanting to eat young goats. No. It will be looked at as a crusade of children fighting for the right to have sex with which ever age group they choose and they will have some pretty good arguments, trust me! And I won't judge. Hopefully, neither will the pope.

But should pedophiles get their rights, wouldn't it be fair that rapists should also get theirs. I mean, if someone can be born with the natural urge to play sex with babies, some other person can surely be born with the natural urge to play sex without consent. And we are an open minded world. Shouldn't we tolerate 'playing sex without consent'? Haven't we tolerated it already, legalized it and given a go ahead to those who want to play sex with horses? Or do they have their way of giving consent? How I would love to find out!

I don't know what reasons have been given for the right to legally play sex with horses with or without their consent, but whatever the reasons, I'm sure those seeking for the right to legally play sex with women, men and kids with or without their consent would have a thousand times more reasons.  I can think of ten already. And if you are wondering which side I will be on when the fights for pedophilia and rapesexuality rage, wonder no more; “If someone is a rapist or a child fuckist and searches for the lord, and he has goodwill, who am I to judge? It's not like that person is an atheist!”

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Ayeza

    Interesting - not hard to imagine actually...

  • ARTeffekt

    The Boy married the 67 year old lady because it was revealed by the ancestors for him to do so, he was symbolic of the ancestor that never married whose wish was being honoured through the boy.

    • Aroriza

      Thanks for the clarification ARTeffekt. And in my opinion, whether the ancestors demanded so or not doesn't change the fact that this marriage is a pedophiliac one. And if we can be okay with it because the ancestors made the directive, wont we be okay with rape when the ancestors direct some people to have sex without consent?!But then again, who am i to judge? :)

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