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I have a reason

By Inet Morudu, South Africa:

Joshua had a reason.

David had a reason.

Moses had a reason.

Rachel and Leah had a reason.

King Hezekiah had a reason.

Victory was the reason.

Retractable blessings were the reason.

Life was the reason.

I don't have a reason though.

I have MANY reasons.

I have Lamentations 3 verse 58 as a reason.

Hebrews 13 verse 5 is the reason I smile

For never will I be abandoned.

Another reason? Well, obvious,

John 3 verse 16. Eternal life.

James 1 verse 2 all the way down to 3 says I have a reason.

Psalms 27 verse 2 is a reason.

I am protected.

I have a reason 'coz Phillipians 4

Says I can do everything by the power

That Christ gives me.

And with all His abundant wealth

Through Christ, my God will supply all my needs.

I have reason to smile.

I have a reason to worship.

I have a reason to rejoice.

God gives the best, so how can I not have a reason

to have a reason to do the best and say thank you to the Lord?

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