Come back my way, Love

Come back my way, Love

By Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa:

The eighth hour catches her by surprise one morning

As she stands on campus' balcony

A norm proceeding her daily hustles and struggles, awaiting a lesson

For ambition knows and calls her by name

Eyes in natural position

In no real attempt to defy laws of science

Gliding down the fourth floor to the Earth's surface

As she balances with metalwork – on the slight edge of the concrete

No one really knows what goes on in this young mind

A siren goes off as she attempts to turn around

Feet swiftly making slight frictions with the floor

Seeking to see herself through the lecturer's room

Her feet's noise on the flat surface play soundtrack to what is to unfold

As she accidentally bumps into a lad's chest

Elevating her eyes' vision

They instantly lock with his

Instant mutual attraction brews

Love blind, yet love at first sight

Love on the fourth floor – in the air, literally!!

With cloud nine and the heavens so close

A few utterances escape the youngman's lips –“Are you okay?”

Mind and tongue aligning to a possible flame of conversation

Her heart responds the only way it knows how-beat fast!

In what seems to take like an hour, she replies – “Yeah”

Butterflies capture her – only divinity gets to explain such!

Love-struck with love bites, time grinds

As suddenly the love bubble bursts

And he tears up the outer cover of his notebook with his name on it

By such a token, showing his kind of character and will to commit

Pushing pen down, ink flowing as he pens down his tens

On dispersion

Her heart gets caught in equalised strife

Between her pride and giving love a chance

But her pride owns habitat in her heart's apex

Weeks gallop and she drops her guard

And rings the other side of the line

Multiple attempts go unanswered

As she concludes that the perfect lad has lost interest

A year passes, news come by her friend that the gentleman has died…

…connecting the dots…”the unanswered calls by him”, her devastated mind


Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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