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By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

Today your smile was a little stronger,
A little less brittle than before.
Your hug a little tighter,
Arms encircling my heart.
Your pulse steadier,
Beating to no worries at the time.
I lean in to hear your voice,
Unwavering as you ask me to stay.
I can feel the resolve in your words,
You are firmer in your request.
I long to sink in your embrace,
Bury my face in your neck and let go.
But instead I cling to the past,
The smoky tendrils of doubts I had about your love.
I hold your hand tighter,
Can you feel this thing we have between us?
My body trembles as you take your hand,
I need you so much.
Ask me again, my dear.

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