By Shalom Mukamuri, Zimbabwe:

Every relationship has issues: – they all have problems of their own nature. After the honeymoon phase we begin to realise that we are different, and you discover that your significant other has issues. Major issues: insecurity, anger management, impatience, past baggage etc these issues mess things up. So do we pack our hearts and leave? Do we give up? NOT AT ALL!!!

We’ve been called to be Christ to one another. That means in your relationship you must allow the Christ in you to unite with the Christ in your person. Now let’s really understand what that means. The life we live as Christians is impossible humanly speaking. But it is by receiving God’s abundant grace that He empowers us to be all that He wants us to be. Paul said that it was no longer him that was living but Christ living in and through him. Amazing. So as you receive God’s unconditional love you are then empowered to live like Christ. This is not a five second thing. It will take time. You have to be patient with yourself as He is patient with you.

Now let’s take this beautiful truth and apply it to relationships. If Christ’s unconditional love is what changes us then the best thing we can do is show that same love to our significant other. This love says “no matter what, I’ll love you till I die or rather to the point of death”. Dudes, the Bible tells us to love our wives/future wives like Christ loves the church. This love drove Christ so crazy that despite our foolishness he stayed on that cross.

You don’t always have to be right. Same goes to you ladies. Let it go. Christ's love should be the main thing in every relationship. Yes they have insecurities, temper problems etc but love them – UNCONDITIONALLY. That’s the true power to see change in any relationship. Even if he/she is not at their best, love him/her with the best love;  Christ's love.

Now you are also human. On the other hand like I said you have to let Christ live through you. He will empower you. This is also a growth process for you. At the end of the day CHRIST holds love together. This doesn’t sound romantic at all but the deepest love you can give your special somebody is Christ love.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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