Day: June 26, 2013

Series, Taxi Tales

Taxi Tales: Taxi Instincts

By David Tumusiime, Uganda: When you've been using Ugandan taxis for a while, you develop a taxi instinct. A well honed taxi instinct that will warn you, when not in a taxi park, about not boarding a taxi you find parked by a stage: Unless you do not mind, in this new heat wave, baking a while as you wait […]

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Tale Africa, Writivism 2013

True to Nothing

By Mildred Apenyo, Uganda: Half of Atim's body is already out of the taxi when she snags her sandal on a piece of metal jutting out of its floor. She throws her hands out for balance, or luck, and yelps as her foot meets the dusty ground. It takes a while for her eyes to adjust to the white glare […]

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