Treasure Box Under Attack!

Treasure Box Under Attack!

By Inet Morudu, South Africa:

If only shouting “help!” would truly help.

My treasure box

filled with living jewels is under attack.

Last time a dazzling diamond out of five

was stolen right before my tear filled eyes.

This thief is so cruel.

Attacker of my treasure box, have you no shame?

To take my only joking ruby in broad daylight?

Will you not let me hold my lost jewels for the last time?

To have a conversation with them.

See them sparkle and look healthy.

It's all I thirst for in this heated pain.

If you could only tell me which one I am to

lose next so that I can polish and cherish it every day.

Attacker of my treasure box.

You are cruel and I know all about you.

I cannot prepare for you

nor can I protect my treasure from you.

You leave my heart and soul crippled

each time but what can I possibly do?

Death, the attacker of my precious treasure box,

how can I ever defeat you?

Death, one day you will leave my treasure box with just one

sapphire in it, will you then will be satisfied

to see me on my lonesome self?

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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