The truth can be cruel

By Talent Mqongo, South Africa:

Desires and needs unfulfilled or placed on hold ultimately called for departure

Departure of a broken heart and scorned soul almost beyond repair

Repair what was acquired and freely received without any alteration

Alteration of the mind, vulnerable beings yet alone plans set according to time

Time to become and be where any mankind ever dreamt to be

Be it a doctor, lawyer, a general, scientist or educator of the starving minds

Minds that got conformed and made believe only to what the eye has exposure

Exposure to limitations in the process the heart reacts in similar ways

Ways of deception, injustice to the poor and the hard labouring innocent

Innocent children raised and trapped in the affection towards currency

Currency perceived as reason for our breathing instead of why many are dying

Dying of the mind elevating to manipulation and destruction of the souls

Souls destined for greatness and the only requirement being obedience

Obedience to the Creator, persevere and let the rest come to play

“Play hard, work hard,” so we say forgetting the character named “smart”

Smart brains, smart hearts giving birth to smarter outcomes,

Outcomes in ample time enlightening us that the truth can be cruel

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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