Dead Justice Society

Dead Justice Society

By Nosipho Sosibo, South Africa:

We speak of justice so loosely when justice-not-served does not affect us directly. The tragedy of our South African reality is that justice is not always served to those who rightfully deserve it, unless you’re famous. We are surrounded by sadness, yet we remain grounded in silence and obedience to denial stricken governments!

When will the day come that we are liberated enough to say what we think and feel? When will the day come, that newspapers are obliged to report real occurrences of citizens' lives instead of meager smear campaigns?

I long and hope for the day when the story of a 10 year old girl, raped by a 79 year old HIV positive man will make the front page of a newspaper: When her trial will be covered on all T.V channels: When her pain becomes ‘news worthy’ enough for all of us to feel her pain.

At the moment, there is a little girl in Tembisa who has been raped twice by different men. The first time occurred in a bush near her home while she was playing with her friends years ago, and the second occurred last year. The assailant was never found, and is probably roaming the streets doing the same thing to another little girl. Faith was too young to know what to do in this situation and therefore did not tell anyone. As a consequence little Faith is HIV positive.

Her court case continues today, however, for the second rape, which fortunately for her, means that they found the man. Yet, angry tears still stream down my face because the courts have decided not to keep the accused in custody as the case continues because of the state of his health. HIS HEALTH?! Apparently, his human rights are more important than the little's girl's life, and so he is afforded these privileges.

However, the issue here is more oral than it is judicial. How can a rapist have comfortable nights outside of holding cells when he has raped a little girl? How he is even allowed a say in the matter when the girl he raped has the same infection is despicable! The facts are that Faith has been raped, on two different occasions by two different men, at two very different times in her life, and the latest rapist confirmed to be HIV+ while the status of the other cannot be confirmed since he has never been caught/found.

Is the country we’re living in that warped and sadistic that we turn a blind eye even to such evil? When will it stop?

Perhaps there is an answer. Perhaps this is the answer: it will stop when we cease to be afraid to protest and speak out about what we are most passionate about. It will stop when what we think is morally correct supersedes what is constitutionally correct.

Until then, our futures belong to those who live within the confines of their minds without considering what lies beyond.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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