Month: April 2013

Life Without Parole, Series

Life Without Parole #9

By Iteti, Uganda: Continued… I was pregnant and wondering how my husband who had never wanted kids was going to take it. Speaking to my mother about it hadn't yielded much fruit. She was the product of a polygamous man; an arrogant narcissist my grandfather was. Her mother was the spitting image of naivety and meekness, bearing him twenty children […]

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Series, Taxi Tales

Taxi Tales: A Hangover Woman

By David Tumusiime, Uganda: She was what every woman should not be; especially for a Ugandan woman. She did not seem to care. She was openly dozing, like a drunk man. Nodding off so much her head would droop and the next minute one of her startled neighbours would be cursing and shaking her off their shoulder. She had tried […]

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Eve's Notes

Dead Justice Society

By Nosipho Sosibo, South Africa: We speak of justice so loosely when justice-not-served does not affect us directly. The tragedy of our South African reality is that justice is not always served to those who rightfully deserve it, unless you’re famous. We are surrounded by sadness, yet we remain grounded in silence and obedience to denial stricken governments! When will the day […]

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