Sequins and Sapphires: Faith’s Secret

Sequins and Sapphires: Faith’s Secret

By Kathryn Kazibwe, Uganda:

I recently read a news piece on the internet about a Brazilian pastor who convinced his flock that the Holy Spirit secreted 'holy milk' through his penis. After church he would conduct a little service of his own in the back room, which involved believers drinking holy milk right from the source. Many believed, and they came in droves…and so did he! Thankfully he was arrested in January of this year.

There are very many ways to skin a cat, but this guy found it in its most vulnerable place and took aim; faith. People will do just about anything in the name of faith. It may come clothed in many different ways, sometimes even stark naked, but it always works. Some believers will probably honestly swear that they received one miracle or another through Pr. Valdeci's holy milk. They have faith in it. Or rather in the God they believe sent it. It stems from the recurring belief of humans in a higher power, something all-powerful, all-knowing. Sometimes malevolent, sometimes benevolent, but always right. And faith in this Being is what makes the world go round.

We may not all go sucking holy milk from horny pastors, but each person has something they believe in. One picks up a book every night without fail, and finds comfort as well as rebuke in words that were inspired by some unseen God watching from the sky. Yet another chants gratitude mantras and pins up posters in his room of his biggest dreams, sends out positive energy into the Universe, believing it will in turn help him turn those posters into the real deal. Meanwhile, in a laboratory somewhere, someone marvels at the beauty of the signature of a Higgs Boson, eager to prove its existence.

Faith makes us whole; it gives us the ability to plough through the bumpy patches of this ride called life. It is fool-proof. I think every religion, anti-religion and non-religion has some version of the quote 'everything works together for good'. Believe that, and ideally nothing should be able to get you down; not for too long anyway.

I wonder; where did it all start, this faith thing? Did Adam and Eve bring it with them when they were thrown out of Eden, or did it rain down on the new organisms after the Big Bang? Did the monkeys carry it along while they slowly transformed into humans? Who knows, maybe it was someone's brilliant idea, long after The Beginning, to have us believe in all this mysterious stuff. Makes it easier for 'them' to control the world, I imagine. It is the stuff of conspiracy theories. But then the truest things are those we put off as impossible. One has only to be with a young child for a few minutes to realize how questionable everything is.

However, like many have postulated before, perhaps it all boils down to us, and our unlimited abilities. The idea of the Great Almighty could very well be a means of separating our own awesomeness from ourselves, hence containing ourselves in a more manageable, less scary space. We partition ourselves into this guy that gives us a carrot when we're good, and the other guy who is dying to have our backsides feel the sting of his stick when we mess up. Our greatest fear is, after all, that we are powerful beyond measure, right?

Could that be Faith's Secret? That God is you, and you are God, and both are Satan, and anything we want we can do/be/get?

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Wonny Arthur

    we all need to believe in is a basic human need. Great piece, I'm inspired...the Brazilian guy? LMFAO!

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