P.s I love you: It’s amazing what goes into a wedding

By Andrew Pacutho, Uganda:

It's amazing what goes into a wedding from the proposal to the honey moon. It is months of work, and stress and pressure. I now know why most couples do not look that happy in some wedding photos; it's just over whelming.

There are all these fears about money and the arrangements. For me, there is the whole traditional ceremony before the white wedding. In my mind, once we go through all that, the hardest part is done.

I know I have met most of your family and had many conversations with your parents, but something happens during that time. You could not find a friend in the in laws camp even if you paid for one! Of course there is that one ally who defies all odds. And yes, I am exaggerating. It's just one of the many fears I have.

There are the endless wedding meetings, and the disappointment of numbers, and the knowledge that there is still a major gap between the budget and the monies in our pockets. There is haggling over venues; whether or not it should be a garden wedding, and if so the cost of tents and chairs, or should it be indoor and if so what decorations we should consider. It seems there’s always one thing after another that needs attention.

The other day, Simon took me out for lunch. I think he noticed how stressed and worried I had been over the last few months. He has been there through most of it and sometimes I am sure if it was not for him, I would not have survived. Anyways, he looked me in the eye and said, “You shall get married no matter what. We, your friends shall make it happen. Relax.” That was the first thing.

The other thing is, each day that you call or text or chat makes it easier. The day you held my face, looked me in the eyes and said that you love me and appreciate all I am doing and that you will marry me even if the sky opened and drenched the earth.

To know that even though the venue, cake, décor and all are important, marrying me is more important and that as long as that happens the day is complete  –  well that makes me work harder to make sure I give you  as close to the wedding of your dreams, as I can.

Your smile, the way you look at me, your heart and who you are, the way you trust me but place our being together above all else, makes this a labour of love and chases my fears far away.

I love you


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    hope you marry this girl

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